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When Adam waved at Emily

How they met

Adam waved at Emily from his christian connection profile and they both asked their only mutual friend whether the other person was okay.  They went on an amazing 6.5 hour first date where Adam fell head over heels (literally). Emily raced Adam to the door at sizzlers and Adam took Emily’ umbrella hostage until she agreed to go on a second date. 

The moment Adam knew that Emily was the one was when she gave up her passion of swimming in order to have time for him in her life. She was so busy with university, work and training all week, every week for swimming that it took a massive strain on the relationship. She had a few ongoing injuries from swimming, but ultimately retired to give them more time to develop their relationship. Adam being a sportsman knew how hard it would be to give up what they loved and were passionate about. That decision finalised for Adam the fact that Emily be worth marrying as she showed she would always put our needs before her wants. 

The moment Emily knew Adam was the one for her was a month and a bit into dating when she got so sick that she couldn’t look after herself at all whilst her family was away on holiday overseas. Adam dropped everything and put her first for an entire week until she got better. Adam then supported her decision to attempt to complete her 10km open water swim at nationals only a week later and he treaded water in the ocean for almost 2 hours to be her feeder which allowed her to finish her last nationals with 7th place in Australia.

Hair – Chikas Chic

Make-up – Be Beautiful

Wedding Dress – Odyssey Bridal and Formal Wear Couture

Church – Bray Park Community Church

Florist – Unveiling Poppy

Limousine – Brisbane Limousines

Singer – Tony Dee

Reception – The Golden Ox

Photobooth – Click Photo booth

Cake – Tash’s Baked Delights


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