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Jono & Loreline – Je t’aime

They met through work, on a big construction site in 2012. Loreline came from France for this project and Jono moved from Brisbane for the same reason. They look back at the circumstances of how they met and believe that this was meant to be…Loreline’s original plan was to stay 1 year in Australia, then go back to France but as things evolved it became clear that they needed to make new plans as they were on a trip through Europe in 2015, Jono proposed in Loreline’s home town in the French Alps, by a lake, on a bridge called the bridge of love…He gave her an ancient lock with their names engraved on it… just before he produced an amazing ring ! So romantic!! They put the lock on the bridge for the night and got it back in the morning. It was so beautiful they couldn’t leave it there.  

They’re returning to France, in the same town,  for a big wedding in June.  They decided to get married civilly in Brisbane to give them a chance to share this moment with their Australian friends. Believe it or not one of Loreline’s childhood best friends from France lives in Brisbane ! After a short ceremony at the registry, they headed to New Farm by ferry to enjoy drinks and nibbles at the Bitter Suite with their guests.

The weather was perfect, they laughed a lot and enjoyed every moment of the day!







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