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Fun Brisbane Wedding Photography

Roslyn & Ed | On the Lota Espalande

I want to share with you this magnificent Brisbane Bayside wedding. A very popular spot for weddings and family photography.
Ed, originally from Brisbane was working in Victoria where he met Roslyn through mutual friends.
It’s not often that your mutual friends are married to each other, so lets be honest, the introduction to each other was inevitable.
About one year later, after the romance had blossomed, Ed had to move back to his family in Brisbane.
Nobody likes a long distance relationship , however their love was resilient and Roslyn moved to Brisbane a year later to study and rent together.
Their relationship grew stronger and stronger, traveling together and supporting each other in new career paths and life goals.
The ceremony was held near the Lota Esplanade and their reception was held and the popular Bluebottle Bar in Manly.


Make-up Artist – Karla from Blissful Makeup

Reception Venue – Bluebottle Bar

Florist – Budget Bouquets

Hair Dresser  – Jade


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Trent and Tiffany Bayside Bliss


Their Brisbane Wedding Story

For years Trent had been searching for his Dory and Tiff for her Nemo, Then one day Tiff and Trent fell into the same pond.

There were plenty of fish there to choose but they chose each other. They rode the wave of love from there and got caught in a rip of romance.

From our first date to the third in just three days we never looked back. Tiff knew she was caught hook line and sinker on our third date when she was gazing into Trent’s eyes. After many years of dating and living between our parent’s houses we thought we would take our relationship a step further and buy our first house.

From here we brought our first fur-baby named Bella. After four long but amazing years Trent decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tiff.  He proposed at sunset overlooking the beach while on holidays in Hawaii, and believe it or not Tiff said YES! After 19 months of hard planning we are finally getting married to the love of our lives.






Venue – Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron – rqys.com.au

Flowers – Created By Shelly – createdbyshelley.com

Cake – Judes Cakery – facebook.com/Judes-Cakery

Bridal Gown – Luv Bridal – luvbridal.com.au

Bonbonnieres – Candy Addictions – candyaddictions.com.au

Event Stylist – Beautiful Illusions – beautifulillusions.com.au

DJ – Recharge DJ’s – rechargedjs.com

Transport – All occasions Limousines QLD – alloccasionslimousinesqld.com.au

Celebrant – Debra Weedbrook – www.allcelebrants.com.au

Hair Stylist: Tomadon’s Hairdressing – tomadonsmobilehair.com.au

Makeup Artist – Faces by Hollie – www.facebook.com/facesbyhollie

Wedding Rings – Michael Hill – www.michaelhill.com.au

Walking down the aisle

Bridesmaids – A Thousand years – Boyce Avenue

Bride – Beautiful in white – Matt Johnson

Signing the registry

Amazed – Lonestar

Breathe – Faith Hill

Say you won’t let go – Boyce Avenue

How would you feel – Ed Sheeran

Isle Exit song

This will be (An Everlasting love) – Natalie Cole

Reception Entrance

Bridal Party – In the name of love – Martin Garrix

Mr & Mrs – We go together – Grease

Cake Cutting

All for love – Bryan Adams

First Dance

Let’s make a night to remember – Bryan Adams


Moments – Bliss N Eso

{Listen to them here on Spotify…..}**


**originals substituted when songs not available

Russell & Kayla Cochrane’s Peninsula Wedding

Russell & Kayla got married on a beautiful day at Scarborough.Followed by a cocktail style reception at Redcliffe Golf Club. It was a pleasure to capture some epic locations on the peninsula.


Russ and I met in 2005 when we were both 13.

Our sisters were friends.

One night our sisters went to the Redcliffe Show together while I was at home with my mum, Russell’s mum called and asked if I wanted to go to the Show with Russell.

I asked my mum “who is Russell?” as I had no idea that Jamey (Russell’s sister) had a little brother. My mum, Russell’s mum, Russell and myself went to the show together.

Russell and I went off together and he met up with his school friends and he decided to ignore me the rest of the nigh so my first impression of him wasn’t a good one.

After that night we didn’t talk… he then tried to find my msn, MySpace etc. accounts and was asking people from my school (we went to different schools) if they knew me and if they could get my number for him. Once he had finished stalking me…. we spoke more and more over the internet and one night about a month later he sent me a text message, we were talking for a while before he eventually said “so, will you go out with me”  I of course said yes, and we’ve been together ever since.


It was our 7-year anniversary and we had planned to go to the Gold Coast for the weekend to celebrate.

A few weeks before, Russ had been MIA after work and he was always saying he was going to the gym, going to his mums etc. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

On the night of our 7 year anniversary we went out to dinner and walked along the night markets at surfers paradise. When we got back to the hotel Russell decided to freak me out by saying I haven’t been where I’ve told you I’ve been the past couple of weeks” I began thinking all kinds of bad things and asked him what he meant..  He just stared at me with this blank look on his face…. I began to get teary and frustrated and asked again “what do you mean” …… still looking at me with a dopey stare he slowly got down on one knee and said “Kayla Elizabeth, will you marry me” balling my eyes out I nodded and nodded and nodded, not being able to speak.  ((he had been going back and fourth the past couple of weeks to the jewellers finding the perfect ring ))


Dress – White Lily Couture, Milton – http://www.whitelilycouture.com.au/

Ceremony and Reception Stylist – Circle of Love Wedding Ceremonies, Brisbane – http://www.circleofloveweddings.com.au/garden-wedding-venues-brisbane/

Honey Pot Favours – Custom Favours, Caloundra West – https://www.customfavours.com.au/

Cake/Cupcakes – Amie’s House of Cakes, Bribie Island – https://www.facebook.com/AmiesHouseOfCakes

Cake Stand – WOW Wedding Hire, Griffin – http://www.wowweddings.com.au/

Make-Up – Samara Nilsson – http://www.samaranilsson.com/

Rings – Michal Hill – http://www.michaelhill.com.au/engagement


You and Me – Lifehouse

A Drop In The Ocean – Ron Pope

Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran



Kayla & Russell Reception-1

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-36

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-46

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-66

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-79

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-29

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-84

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-88

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-102

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-137

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-139

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-104

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-115

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-108

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-150


Kayla & Russell Preparatory-181

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-155

Kayla & Russell Preparatory-166

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-43

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-52

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-72

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-66

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-97

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-101

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-102

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-108

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-134

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-137

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-141

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-142

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-179

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-159

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-171

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-270

Kayla & Russell Ceremony-206

Kayla & Russell Location-8

Kayla & Russell Location-18

Kayla & Russell Location-24

Kayla & Russell Location-25

Kayla & Russell Location-47


Kayla & Russell Location-58


Kayla & Russell Location-67

Kayla & Russell Location-78

Kayla & Russell Location-84

Kayla & Russell Location-89

Kayla & Russell Location-95

Kayla & Russell Location-102

Kayla & Russell Location-104

Kayla & Russell Location-115

Kayla & Russell Location-130

Kayla & Russell Location-132

Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Kayla & Russell Location-138

Kayla & Russell Location-139





Kayla & Russell Reception-14

Kayla & Russell Reception-16

Kayla & Russell Reception-42

Kayla & Russell Reception-35

Kayla & Russell Reception-47

Kayla & Russell Reception-64

Kayla & Russell Reception-56

Kayla & Russell Reception-86

Kayla & Russell Reception-89

Kayla & Russell Reception-107

Kayla & Russell Reception-119

Kayla & Russell Reception-132

Kayla & Russell Reception-157

Kayla & Russell Reception-164

Kayla & Russell Reception-187

Kayla & Russell Reception-196