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Wedding Speeches – Roles, Hints and Tips

Wedding Speeches - Roles, Hints and Tips Traditions at weddings are what you make them. After all it is your day and no one else's. Here is an outline of what is considered a modern order of speeches. I'll outline each one, the role and some tips. Remember though, it is your choice whom you have speak at your wedding.That is, if you decide on any at all. See Wedding Speeches Should I or Shouldn't I? OrderMaster of ceremonies Father / Mother of the bride Father / Mother of the Groom Groom Bride Maid / Matron of honour Best ManWedding Speech Roles The Master...

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Wedding Speeches – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Wedding Speeches - Should I or Shouldn't I?  Does the idea of 100 people looking at you behind a lectern paralyse you with fear? Yes? Then you're also wondering should you be speaking at your wedding?As with many modern wedding traditions it is what you make of it. There is no one telling you , you have to do it. If the idea of making a speech makes you feel uncomfortable and anxious, then would it be the best idea for you to do it?Would it take your thoughts away from other special moments throughout of the day? Could you enjoy your ceremony if you're thinking about tanking in...

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