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Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

One of the best ideas I have seen from a wedding was at Jason & Renee’s wedding at Riverlife on the Brisbane river. They provided 8 Bottles in a stand and each was labeled for a significant milestone of their marriage. Guests were able to write messages and place them into the bottles for the years to come. It’s a beautiful touch. Below are a description of those wedding anniversary milestones and a few gift ideas.

1st Anniversary

The first Anniversary is symbolised by Paper and the flower of choice are Carnations.

Some gift ideas.  A printed photo of your wedding day;  A newspaper from your wedding date; A gift voucher ; Tickets are paper..  take your partner to the movies or a show.

Our favourite would be a love letter from the heart, it costs you nothing but is priceless.

2nd Anniversary

The 2nd anniversary is Cotton and the flowers of choice are Cosmon (Type of sunflower)

Some gift ideas for your 2nd Anniversary. Go clothes shopping ; New Sheets ; For some fun fairy floss (cotton candy) ; Photos are also printed on a cotton medium called rag.

Our favourite would be a framed embroidered keepsake of your favourite inspirational quote

3rd Anniversary

Your Third Wedding Anniversary is Leather and the flower choice are Fuchsias.

Some gift ideas; A Wallet; Leather Photo frame; a leather bracelet (like Pandora) ; new shoes ; leather everything! Its a pretty easy year this one.

Our favourite would be to think outside of the box and get something fluffy on the end of a leather lead & collar . Everyone loves puppies.

4th Anniversary

Your Fourth Anniversary is Linen and your flowers are Geraniums

Some gift ideas, and this one is a tough one to be creative. Some new cushions; New bed linen is an obvious one; Some cool linen clothes for a beach holiday

Our favourite would be a linen bound photo album

5th Anniversary

Fifth Wedding Anniversary is wood and your flowers are daisies

Could there be an easier year . Our gift ides , a weekend in a log cabin; photo frames ; new furniture ; something delicious from an oak barrel

Our favourite would be to buy a tree and plant it together.

10th Anniversary

Your tenth anniversary is Tin or aluminium and your flowers are Daffodils

That doesn’t sound too exciting and the thought of someone receiving a ‘can’ of something could lead to divorce. It’s a good thing that in modern times you can celebrate the first decade with diamonds. Who needs an excuse , diamonds it is!

Some tenth wedding anniversary ideas. Jewelry; ornaments ; keepsakes.

Our best gift idea would be if you were the type to keep all the little things that were meaningful from your years together. Ticket stubs from date nights, brochures from trips away, etc and keep them in a little tin to give. You say stalker , I say romantic. If you can’t pull that off diamonds it is !!



15th Anniversary

Your 15th Wedding Anniversary is Glass or Crystal and your flowers are Roses

Some gift ideas, although this one is obvious with so many choices. Crystal champagne glasses and some great champagne ; Photo frames; some glass etching; a beautiful vase full of roses; new sunglasses.

Our pick would have to be a classic watch, although technically this is for your 31st , I like the idea of the glass face.

20th Anniversary

Your twentieth anniversary is China and your flowers are Day Lilies

Some gift ideas,  The obvious china dinning pieces ; If you take someone out for chinese you may be spending your 21st alone unless you’re being literal and planned a trip to China

Our Favourite gift idea would be a beautiful degustation dinner in the best restaurant , keep that china coming and make it delicious

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